Montigo Resorts  《 #BoozeyGirlyWeekend Day 1 》

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Went to a nearby heaven for a short girly getaway last week with the girls! ≧◉◡◉≦

We all took 1 day's leave for our long weekend and planned it just 2 weeks before and we were going crazy buying stuff for the trip. We wanted to buy the pretzel pool float but decided not to but instead we went to Toys-R'us and bought 3 pool floats for about $40? Ordering our bikinis from ASOS and gmarket korea and so kanchiong that it would not reach in time and all, but everything came just in time, in the end! (:

Took a short 45mins ferry ride to batam, Nongsa on Wavemaster from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and a rep from Montigo was at the terminal to greet and drive us to the resort, and we're here!

We reached at about 12+ so we didn't expect to be able to check in immediately since check in is about 3pm i think? Thought we will be leaving our luggages and hopping onto a cab and heading to Nagoya for some light snacks shopping and lunch.

Hello roomies- Shirley + Felicia at Villa 10 for the next 3 days! 

We paid about $930 for 2 nights for the 2 bedroom hillside villa, quite wasted since we only slept in the master bedroom, i'd recommend not getting the beachfront villa thou hehe the front part of the beach don't look exactly very appealing and clean anyway so no point paying more $ for that! Plus the beachfront villas "blocks" the front eeky part of the beach so the view from our villa of the beach is actually nicer! hahaha

Heard that they are going to have 1 bedroom villas later next year which would be awesome for couples! Want to come here with leon for a romantic getaway but abit silly for 2 person for a 3 floor villa with 2 bedrooms right?

Mini tour of the 3-level villa!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ [ Level 1 ] 
Living + Pool

There's also a mini kitchen area with a mini fridge + stove + microwave, gotta request for wine/beer-opener thou!

ou can bring your wii games here or maybe can rent from the reception but I'm not sure it it's available since we weren't really into gaming anyway, just really wanted to relax and nua to the max.

Didn't know there would be a iphone speaker in the living area + masterbedroom, so i brought my own mini-x speakers for music while hanging out by the pool! 

Used my mini-x speakers most of the time anyway since we won't be able to hear the music from the pool if i used the living room speakers unless we turn it really loud anyway.

Spent most of our 3days hanging out at the pool the most!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ [ Level 2 ] 

The bedroom that we didn't sleep in! 
There's 2 bathrooms on level 2 but only the masterbed room has a huge tub.

Masterbed room

The tub was so huge the 3 of us could have a bubblebath together at the same time. 
Left side was the shower and toilet area

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ [ Level 3 ] 

Looks amazing isn't it! Great spot to catch the sunset or have a BBQ if you bother to bring you own stuff there if not you can request to set up a grill and have a chef do the work for you right on your rooftop.

We actually brought a bicycle pump for the pool floats but somehow it didn't work so we had to blow it up on our own! hhahah so retarded half of the time we were laughing to death, it wasn't easy ok. 
LOL see like so poor thing!

LOL look at this crazy shirley with her tiny float! 400000 breaths later we're finally done and the girls was doing their makeup before we head out to Nagoya so i had some time to roll around and camwhore!

Heh do we look alike? Felicia is actually my auntie but i'm 2 days older than her! During our primary school days we were both in CHIJ so we always told people we were cousins because it's simply too mafan to explain at that age.

Got a cab and we're on our way to Nagoya! I think the cab ride there was about SGD$16 and it took about 45mins - 1 hour because there was a jam! ):

Hungry die us and stuck in the cab, the moment we reached Nagoya we already knew what we wanted to eat lol ayam penyet! It's CRAZY CHEAP! Can't remember exactly how much but it's so so so cheap.
Bought this marshmallow microwave-popcorn and cotton candy to nom back at the Villa.

Lol crazy girls bought a bunch of pads. Wanted to see if the tampons are cheaper there but they don't sell tampons?! They don't even have a wine section in the supermarket but we found a duty free wine store outside the supermarket. Bought more snacks and fruits and cabbed back to Montigo was a little faster this time without jam. 

If you're only staying at Montigo for 1 night i'd definitely recommend bringing your snacks and booze from SG thou.

Oh hello pool, we're finally back~ Changed into our bikinis and hopped right in baby!


Breaking out the 1st bottle of moscato, yummeh! 

Leon got it for me from DFS when he's flying back from leehom's tour 
and he got me 2 bottles of these liquid gold for $78.


✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

The pool floats was a super good buy! hahaha quite challenging getting on them at 1st thou, bad aiming and i flipped over in the pool while trying to flop myself into the donut float! lol

Bottoms up baby! 
Super hungry by then and we were feeling kinda lazy and floaty from the swim + booze so we ordered room service.


Beef burger and a side of fries for me please! ≧◔◡◔≦ 
It wasn't too pricey too, about SGD12 i think? 

I remembered when Leon & I went to Angsana resorts in Bintan, each meal was at least SGD$100 for the both of us and we only ordered pretty normal stuff, 2D1N lunch and dinner = SGD$200+

Breakfast for dinner girls? (:

Heard that there's a Sundown party at the main pool that night, some DJ from Singapore was spinning so we decided to freshen up and head over to check it out!

Wearing the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipcolor in Red Carpet that was in my media kit from the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Collection preview.

Love love love this lippie, I've been wearing this so much, I want to get more colors from this range of matte lipsticks! I'd dab it on my lips and feather the color out with my fingers on days that i want a more natural red lip look. I wouldn't call this a true red thou, more like a slight Orange-Red lipstick. 

And this stuff goes on super creamy and it really lasts! The matte look makes it super wearable too, i never use to wear red lippies because the red lippies I've tried previously are mostly shiny ones and it draws way too much attention to my plump lips since i usually like playing up my eye makeup more.

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) MUACKS!

Turned out the Sundown party was kind of a dud and the drinks at the bar.. is kinda terrible :/
So when you're heading there, BYOB!
S's white wine was horrible, F's cocktail tasted diluted and totally weird and mine was errr..ew.

Music wasn't fantastic either, so we took the buggy back to the villa and started our bubblebath! I love the soap and glory bubble bath soap but i can't seem to find them at sephora stores anymore thou. ):


  Love ma silly girls.

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

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